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Photo Journal

My Dream Style


We just purchased our a dream property in Montana.  The house leaves a bit to be desired, but that doesn't scare Peter and I.  We have updated, remodeled, changed and improved every house we have ever owned, and always came out on top when we sold.  It is a skill and passion for both Peter and I. We are planning a total remodel; inside and out.  I will decorate in what I'm calling French Farmhouse Chic. I also will be doing a few rooms in a more rustic/industrial farmhouse look; just to keep Peter happy and take the "fluff" down a notch.

Starting From Scratch is the Goal


I found a home that needs our help and that was my dream.  Pete and I have the best success with homes that we can put our personal touch on them.  This house will prove to be one of our biggest projects.

Every Detail Flows


We are going to have a big moving sale, except for our really good pieces and start all over.  I can't wait to create this new look from top to bottom.  It will be a big style change for us all and we are really looking forward to it.  Don't forget to subscribe if you would like to follow all the progress.

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